Camp Curio’s Drop-Off / Pick-Up Policy

Your child safety is our number one priority. We require daily check-in and have very strict governance in releasing your child back to your hand at the end of each day.


When dropping off your child to the camp, please check-in with Camp Curio staffs.

Authorized Pick-Up Personnel

During the registration, you’ll be asked to include a list of individuals (minimum 1, up to 4) that you authorize Camp Curio to release your child to. Each individual on the list must also include a Photo ID information (Company Badge, Driver License, Passport / Passport Card, School ID, or State ID). If you are the parent and will be picking up your child, please add yourself to the list as well.

Optionally, you can submit recent photo of the individuals on the list. This will help expedite the pick-up process.

Picking Up Your Child

Camp Curio staffs will only release your child to those that are listed in the Authorized Pick-Up Personnel list. Please present the same Photo ID that was submitted during the registration to Camp Curio staffs when picking up your child. Your child will only be released after verification and digital acknowledgement.

Please wait at the check-out/pick-up area of the facility. Camp Curio staffs will perform the pick-up procedure and verification and release your child back to you in the same area.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Please be sure to pick-up your child on time. The session ends at 3:15pm and you can pick-up your child between 3:15pm – 3:30pm everyday. If you are late, there is a $25 + $1/minute late pick-up fee. Such fee will need to be paid when you pick-up your child.