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We are looking for friendly, energetic, and passionate people who loves to work with children. If you are looking for a unique summer experience, and want to spend a portion of your summer time to be an inspiration for our future generation, apply below.

We have positions for:
> Elective Instructor
> General Helper
> Main Session Assistant
> Main Session Instructor

Elective Instructor, $25/hr to start

If you are a master on a certain subject, and would like to pass on that knowledge to the next generation, please feel free to apply to our Elective Instructor position. It can be anything from Calligraphy to Etiquette. We will consider opening an elective class for you. This position does not conflict with other job positions of the camp. 

General Helper, $15/hr to start

This is a part-time or full-time position; we are flexible to fit your schedule. General helper’s tasks are helping with check-in and check-out process, guiding students between transitions of the day, answer questions from parents, and students, taking pictures, and be an extra set of helping hand with other staffs are unavailable.

Main Session Assistant, $18/hr to start

This is a part-time or full-time position; we are flexible to fit your schedule.  Assisting the instructor in the classroom is your main priority. Although you may sometimes need to help with other duties such as leading children between transitions of the day, answering questions from parents and children, and with check-in and check-out process.

Main Session Instructor, $25/hr to start

The main session instructors are like the lead teacher in the classroom. You’ll need to lead the classroom with enthusiasm and be able to hold the attention of the class. You’ll be the “expert” of the topic being taught, and be ready to answer any questions from parents and children.

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