2023 Summer Camp Pricing

Main Session

$520 / session


Early Bird$40 off / session
Save $160 when signing up for 4 sessions
Auto apply on or before 3.5.2023
Multi-Session$20 off / sessionAuto apply to 2nd session on
Sibling **$20 off / sessionApply to 2nd child on
Canyon Heights Academy Student$20 off / sessionRequire CHA Student Coupon code
Canyon Heights Academy Staff$20 off / sessionRequire CHA Staff Coupon code
Returning Camper from 2022 Camp$25 off / sessionAuto apply when using the same Camper Name and email in the 2022 registration

Discounts can be combined and are applied every session

** Our registration processes 1 camper per submission. To get the Sibling discount, register your first child first, and wait for the confirmation code for your first child. Then initiate a new registration for your second child, and enter your first child confirmation code and name in the Sibling Discount box under the Apply Discount section. If the code is valid, it will activate the Sibling Discount.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Regular Pick-Up 3:15 pm – 3:30 pm
$25 + $1 / minute late

Payment Option

Full payment on Credit Card/PayPal during registration


Payment Plan 1
$300 deposit on Credit Card
Deposit will be charged when registration is processed
Remaining balance will be charged on 5.7.2023 on the same Credit Card
There is 0% interest on the remaining balance
Plan available until 5.7.2023


Payment Plan 2
3 equal installments on Credit Card
1st installment will be charged when registration is processed
2nd installment will be charged 30 days after 1st installment
3rd installment will be charged 30 days after 2nd installment
There is 0% interest on the installment
The amount of each installment will be 1/3 of the total
Must sign up before 3.5.2023